Welcome to the 16th International Sol-Gel Conference in Hangzhou, China, August 28th - September 2nd, 2011. It is the first time for such a great event in sol-gel field to take place in China. Both fundamentals and applications of sol-gel science will be focused and explored in the conference.


This biennial Conference, previously known as the "International Workshop on Sol-Gel Science & Technology", made its debut in 1981. It is the most prominent and influential conference in the worldwide community of sol-gel science and technology now. The 16th Con......

  •  Sol-gel Chemistry and Fundamentals
  •  Self-assembly
  •  Organic-inorganic Hybrids Materials
  •  Nano- and Micro-structured Materials: Particles, Fibers, Whiskers, and Composites
  •  Films, Coatings, and Membranes
  •  Nanoporous and Supramolecular Materials
  •  Aerogels
  •  Sol-gel for Optic, Electronic, Phonic, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Applications
  •  Sol-gel for Catalysis, Sensors, Biological and Medical Applications
  •  Sol-gel Versatility (Environment Protection, Energy, Foods, Cosmetics, etc.)
  •  New Characterization Techniques for Sol-gel Materials
  •  Industrialization of Sol-gel Science & Technology
the 16th International Sol-Gel Conference[28/08/2011-02/09/2011]
Accommodation Reservation Deadline[31/07/2011]
Abstract Deadline[15/04/2011]
Notification of Acceptance (First Announcement)[15/04/2011]
Notification of Acceptance (Second Announcement)[30/04/2011]
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